We are Swipii

Swipii 2.0 rises from the ashes of Swipii 1.0. Our mission has not changed.
We're building an ecosystem that benefits businesses and their customers.
This is finally possible thanks to the invention of v£.

Our Mission

Our mission is to better connect consumers and local businesses. We want our rewards app to be 10x easier to use, and 10x the value of our competitors.

Our Team

Our team is focused on solving problems, taking action and working together. You’ll be joining an amazing team with a diverse set of skills, backgrounds and experiences.

Our Values

Our culture is always evolving. As a team, we want to be always mindful, always respectful, always empowering, and always nurturing and fun.

What we do

What we’re really passionate about is supporting local. The v£ ecosystem has been built with local communities, local business and local people in mind. We want to be the simplest, most effective way to support local and save money. We’re all about rewarding those who shop local, and helping businesses to be the best they can be!

Joining Swipii is the chance to work with a passionate, highly collaborative team. Every person on the team has the opportunity to think creatively and innovate, influencing all aspects of the company. Swipii is now focused on growth. The team is aiming for expansion this year, with product development, new features and new locations all in the pipeline.

Swipii Glasgow office
Our story

Swipii was founded in 2014 and based in these wonderful Glasgow offices. Its founders were both named Forbes 30 under 30 winners. The company was awarded the Best ‘Customer Loyalty, Personalisation and CRM’ award at the UK Digital Experience Awards 2016 and also named among Europe’s top 100 disruptive startups in the retail industry in the same year. In both 2018 and 2019, Swipii was a finalists in the Scottish Tech Startup Awards for Startup of the Year and Mobile Startup of the Year respectively. Unfortunately Swipii could not survive the pandemic and fell into liquidation in 2021. Recognising its value, the brand was purchased by Vow Currency. Vow's UK technology partner Enigmatic Smile is undisputedly one of the pioneers of card-linking-technology in the UK, and having completely re-vamped Swipii's entire tech stack, Swipii is now ready to thrive again.