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10 Customer appreciation ideas your customers will love

Heather Young
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You should show some customer appreciation often, or else they will leave you… Now you are probably saying to yourself, “What do you mean thank them, I always say thank you when they pay.” Saying “Thank you!” after a customer pays is not showing your appreciation for their loyalty to your small business. Particularly when there are lots of other, bigger brands out there for them to choose from. According to Forbes, an existing customer will spend 31% more than a new one. So how do you get a customer to be loyal? “Give a little love and it all comes back to you…” And we have a whole host of customer appreciation ideas for you to choose from:

#1 Use a digital loyalty program

There isn’t an easier way to show your appreciation to your customers. A digital customer loyalty program that offers tiered incentives based on the customers' spend gives your most loyal customers greater rewards. What could possibly be better? There are many options to rewarding customer loyalty out there ranging from punch cards, to email campaigns. In a world that's incredibly busy, it can be difficult to run these things manually whilst running your business. Going for a digital program means you can set it up and let it run in the background.

Swipii is a customer loyalty program that uses smart technology to reward your customers with cashback when they spend directly with you. You can decide varying levels of cashback on offer when it makes sense to your business (such as off peak hours). With loyal customers spending more than new customers, it makes sense to give them a reason to stick with your business and keep them coming back.

#2 Make a donation in their honour

67% of millennials remain loyal to brands that engage in causes and philanthropy. Making a donation on your customer’s behalf shows your customers that as they support you, they also support the local community.

#3 Provide an upgrade

Why not treat your most loyal customer to a free upgrade on you, so instead of their regular small coffee why not give them a medium for the same price. Or if it's a service you offer you could upgrade their package. For example, as a hairdresser, you could give them a free hair treatment or head massage. This customer appreciation idea is a goodie, because the customer will remember their 'win' that day.

#4 Provide a sweet giveaway

Create your own favours that your customers can pick up on the way out your store or shop to thank them, simply for stopping by.

Customer appreciation sweets giveaway

#5 Host an exclusive event in store

Do you have a new line launching? Or maybe a special anniversary for your business? Invite your loyal customers to the event as an appreciation for being so committed. Because at the end of the day, you wouldn’t have got to this stage in your business without them.

#6 Celebrate with your customers

As you build your relationship with customers be sure to collect their information for example, when their birthday is. That way you can send them an offer on their birthday. Not only celebrating and showing you appreciate them but also offering an incentive for them to visit again.

#7 Give’em some swag

Who doesn’t love some free swag?! Why not give all your customers a little free gift over a weekend, as a thank you for shopping with you. Not only does it show appreciation to your loyal customers, but it also encourages new customers to return.

#8 Give’em a treat

Every so often you could give one of your most loyal customers an unexpected discount at the till. You give the odd 10-20% off, everyone loves a cheeky discount.

#9 Host a giveaway

This can be online or offline. For an online giveaway encourage your customers to like the giveaway post on social media to be entered into the draw. Or For an offline giveaway get your customers to drop their details into a bowl. After a week or so put all the names in a hat and pick a winner!

Customer appreciation SALE sign

#10 Do an after-hours SALE

Treat your most loyal customers to an after-hours sale. For a full 2-3 hours, they have the run of your business which will be full of special discounts and deals just for them. Service businesses can offer discounted treatments so that it is not only stores who can take advantage of this.

Final thoughts...

Showing your customers you care is a more cost effective tactic to increase your revenue and customer footfall. The notion of expectancy theory confirms that it's worth investing some time in trying these customer appreciation ideas out. An individual will be more motivated by a desirable result or outcome and you can track its success.

Why not try one, a few or all of these customer appreciation techniques and let us know how you get on! To find out more about how Swipii's customer loyalty program can help your business grow head to the Swipii for Business website or request a demo with our team.