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33 Marketing Terms To Increase Sales

Heather Young

Across the industry, there are various marketing terms that are said to be the silver bullet to increase sales. The language you use influences emotion and persuades action. Unfortunately there is no one winning approach that will fix all. The approach to finding the right terms for your activity and business takes patience and testing. We've rounded up a variety of marketing terms across different intent to help with inspiration to get you started.


Incentive words

A little incentive can tip the scale in between a sale. Customers love a good bargain so much so that a recent survey noted 80% of customers purchased with a brand for the first time after they learned of a discount, so if you’re hosting a sale or a promotion these marketing terms and phrases are the best to go for:

  1. Free – Who doesn’t love a freebie.
  2. Buy one, get one X – Customers can see the money value and you can choose whether it’s half price or free.
  3. Complimentary – Instantly tells customers it won’t hurt their wallet i.e. another word for FREEBIE.
  4. On the house – Shows customers you’re doing something for them i.e. FREEBIE.
  5. Off (as in 20% off) – A specific deal is a great incentive for customers to act.
  6. New – Everyone wants the latest, greatest thing.
  7. Bestsellers – Provides social proof that others like your products.
  8. Starting at…(provide a £) – Specific prices help customers make a purchase decision.
  9. Bargain – Who doesn’t love a deal?
  10. Deal - Another word for bargain.
  11. Offer - Think bargain or deal.
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Trust-based words

More than ever, consumers are seeking social proofed goods or services prior to making a purchases. Marketing terms that provide a sense of trust or leadership are great to use to help convert informed customers who want to make sure they're investing their money wisely:

  1. Safe – Tells customers the product is tested.
  2. Effective – Provides reassurance.
  3. Mum-approved (or approval of a certain group) – Provides social proof.
  4. Authentic – Customers wants the original products and experiences.
  5. Verified – Tell customers who verified the product to provide reassurance.
  6. Results – Customers want products that provide excellent results.
  7. No obligation – Convinces customers to try something new without hesitation.
  8. Thank you – Shows customers you appreciate them.
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Urgent words

It’s important that your marketing terms and materials compel customers to act. When consumers are faced with a level of urgency or time limit to act, they're more likely to prioritise something unimportant over something important and as a result it's a great tactic to help convert. Try these urgent, or time-sensitive words and phrases (but don't overuse, or it'll defeat the purpose of its intent):

  1. Act – A popular, yet effective word, to encourage customers to follow through.
  2. Today – Puts a customer in the present-day mindset.
  3. Now – Makes a deal seem fleeting.
  4. Fast – Good descriptive word for sales or promotions.
  5. Instant – Makes a sale or coupon redemption sound seamless.
  6. Book now before ... – Tells customers this event has sold out in the past.
  7. Limited-time – Tells customers this is a rare deal.
  8. Last chance – Tells customers this deal won’t be around again.
  9. Flash sale – Flash sales are synonymous with deals that only last for a few hours.
  10. Deal ends today – If customers are interested, they’ll have to act with this deadline.
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Helpful words

It's not always about the hard sell, customers experience a journey when it comes to interacting with a brand and it's important you solve different problems for them at different times as they go through this journey. Your customers are always looking for helpful advice. Here are a few words that show your audience that you’re here to provide support and don't just care about the sale:

  1. How-to – Tells customers they’ll get specific instructions to do something.
  2. Tips – Provides customers with a new way to complete a task.
  3. Timesaving – Everyone wants to save time, right?
  4. Hassle-free – Yes, please. No one wants a time-consuming deal.

Final Thoughts...

Do you know what words resonate with your customers? The best way to do this is to try it out in your next marketing campaign and see what words give you the best response. Test and learn as you go, and remember, don't try and test too much at once, make small variations to your marketing so you are clear on what works for your business.

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