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Swipii Success Stories | 2021 Case Study

Lucie MacNeill

We round up a collection of success stories from 8 of our awesome local businesses that feature on the Swipii app, the problem that Swipii solves plus our strategy for success.

The Local Challenge 

Independent hospitality businesses across the UK are grappling with the same objective as big online, legacy corporations; how do I maximise my revenues by harnessing the power of the consumer? 

Well, let’s talk about how the big brands approach this question. These corporations have the ability to access all there is to know about their consumers by establishing loyalty programs, such as the Boots Advantage card and Tesco clubcard. They have the tools and experience to reach the right customers at the right time through data intelligence and target their marketing efforts to build customer loyalty and retention all by offering special rewards. 

The difference is, independent businesses are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to finding an answer to this question. Often down to limited marketing budgets, resource and technology.

The Swipii Solution 

According to research by Visa, 54% of Brits say it’s important to them to shop locally with 43% saying it gives them a boost of happiness when they support local business owners. So how can local business owners be better connected with consumers providing the same, if not better rewards programme to build customer loyalty, improve retention and maximise revenue. That’s where we come in! 

At Swipii, our teams have created a solution to give business owners a digital advantage, without the big price tag. Local hospitality businesses on Swipii can build brand presence, loyalty, track behaviour and save time.


The Swipii Strategy

How do we do it? In order to achieve the things we say we’ll achieve, Swipii adopts a range of tactics, partnering with businesses to ensure it’s as seamless and simple as possible.

📲 We feature businesses on the Swipii app complete with a business profile, images and bio of what’s on offer at their venue

📩 Once signed up, businesses are seen by over 1000 active app users, as well as promotion at no extra cost through social media, email, push and influencer marketing. In fact throughout the month of August, businesses were able to increase their brand awareness through Swipii’s radio advertisement which reached 675,000 listeners.

Check out when influencer, Flavours of Glasgow visited Baffo...

💻 Our team then works to bring the business’ customer base online to create a reachable and trackable audience. This levels the playing field by enabling local business owners to analyse and retarget customers with special offers. (This is what’s known as a marketing pool and is kick started once customers download the Swipii app and spend at the business.) 

💰To help with building a marketing pool, a Swipii account manager provides co-branded assets such as flyers, posters, table talkers, window stickers and business cards promoting a referral code so staff and customers can earn £5 for every download!

Example of a flyer to build your marketing pool

💸 We start sending personalised offers on the business' behalf to the right customers at the right time using data from the marketing pool via emails and push


The Swipii Success Stories (Prove it!)

What's the impact? We've helped businesses across the UK build their brand and reachable audience, increase retention and drive additional revenue.

“Before featuring on Swipii, we didn’t have a way of knowing which customers hadn’t visited in a while let alone a way to reach them. Being able to see the extra revenue that we can and could make in the future by reaching these lost customers is really exciting as it’s so simple to set up.” Lordanis Zoumpouliadis owner of Pie Pie.




Businesses are able to truly see the value of their investment with Swipii when it comes to generating additional revenue. Our data shows that offering over 15% cashback on purchases increases customer spend by 23%.

Our affordable pay on results only structure means businesses on average have paid out only £4.80 worth of cashback in return for a customer worth £30 within just one month, the best news? You'll never pay more than what you earn back.*

To find out how Swipii will work for your business, book a short demo with our team at a time that suits you!

*Comparing Jun-Jul 21 using business avg spend towards cashback, avg number of transactions made by a customer at a business and the average spend at the business. 

All data compared between 2019 to 2021