Card linking terms and conditions

This form is a legal requirement by Visa and MasterCard in order to authorise payment tracking.

Between: 'Tracking Partner'

Currently, but not limited to, Fidel Limited, an authorised and contracted partner of Visa and MasterCard.

And: 'Merchant'


Merchant consent:

By signing this form the merchant authorises Visa and MasterCard to send Tracking Partner qualifying transactional data of participating members of the programme (the Cardholders) at any of their provided and approved MIDs, to enable card-linked offers and target offers that may be of interest to the cardholder(s). The cardholder will, upon programme enrolment, provide affirmative consent to share transaction data, before the information can be shared with the Merchant. For information about Tracking Partner’s privacy practices, please request and see the Tracking Partner’s Privacy Policy. Cardholder(s) may opt out at any time.

This consent is given freely and will remain in effect until notice of termination is received by Swipii. Transaction monitoring will cease immediately upon termination of the contract.